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Crypto World Bio
Crypto World Is The 1st Crypto Brick & Mortar Store focused on education, mining, and staking. After 6 months of perfecting our model, we are ready to take it to the next level. Our goal is to open 500 locations all over the world in the next 3 years and we want you to be a part of it.  
Our Team
Jeff is a passionate crypto enthusiast and a serial entrepreneur with the vision to do something nobody has ever done, create the 1st brick and mortar crypto store focused on education, mining, & staking.  
Michael goes by bitsbetrippin and is the Michael Jordan of mining. He is a youtube star with close 100k followers and has a large mining operation himself with over 3,000 miners.
Rudi has operational experience in real world cyber operations. Which was integral as he later led many architectural redisgns of Cyber Weapon systems throughout the US Navy, USAF, and other agencies. Because of his affinity for blockchain he continuesouly explores the new world between Crypto and Cybersecurity.
Dan's work was instrumental in growing a CBD store from 1 location to 500 locations in 3 years. As we grow and franchise, he has the experience to help crypto world expand both in the USA and all over the world
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